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Patricia Bagienski – Grandits was born in Vienna (Austria) in 1990. At the age of five she moved to Warsaw with her family. In school she found her passion in arts and drawing. This hobby, as a supplement to school activities, was a good balance in which she could switch off from everyday life. During her years in Poland she decided to study architecture back in Austria at the Technical University of Vienna.


Sketching and drawing, not only by hand, gradually got more important during her years at university. Fascinated by the different techniques, Patricia further developed her skills in this area. Besides design and 3D modelling, she wanted to learn as much as possible artistically and graphically. During her studies, Patricia also started to work for the well-known architectural office Baumschlager Hutter Partners. Before her diploma she decided to take a break and go to Hamburg to work as an intern for the visualization office bloomimages. Thanks to the internship she became established and confident in the business and grabbed the chance to learn from one of the best offices in the industry.


In the last few years Patricia expanded her skills and started to work as a freelancer for architectural offices in Vienna.